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01 | White Wolf

01 | White Wolf

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Scent notes

Top notes Citrus

Heart notes Tobacco leaves and Toasted marshmallow

Base notes Oud and Leather

What's in it?

All-natrual coconut wax blend

Crackling wooden wick

Reusable glass jar

Exclusive fragrance

7.5 oz | 213g

Hand-poured in Kirkland, WA

What is not

✘ No harmful phthalate

✘ No paraben, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxin, acute toxin, nor organ toxin

✘ No cruety nor animal product

How to use

Burn within sight. Keep away from things that can catch fire. Keep away from children and pets.

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The story behind 01 | White Wolf

In the heart of the forest, the White Wolf sits alone by the fire. The warm glow of the flames and the rich scent of smoky oud mingled with the sweetness of toasted marshmallows. Light the White Wolf and let its moody, sensual aroma transport you to a world of mystery and magic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Wes Horn
Rich but not overpowering

What a delightful fragrance! It's a little clean and a little woodsy, a solid choice if you're looking for a gift - I think this would appeal to just about everyone. It's a nice, strong scent and yet it isn't overbearing. An elegant candle, I just love it.

Steven Le
High quality candle

I was unexpectedly surprised about how high quality these candles are. From the sleek black containers to the impressive quality of the candle, everything is high class and had lot's of attention to detail.

White Wolf is an amazing scent. A lot of aromas are very overpowering to me and while the scent is strong, it isn't too much. Its sweet vanilla/marshmallow like fragrance is perfect. I would take a bath in this and attract all the ladies if I could.

I had this shipped to me from a few states over and they took great care in making sure it arrived in good condition. Their packaging is great and their tape has cute animals on it.

10/10, would smell again.

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