Jars Recycling Program

Did you know it takes about 4000 years for glass jars to breakdown in landfill? To encourage recycling glass jars, when you bring a cleaned Lux & Nox candle jar to any event we’re participating in, you can receive 20% off a new candle! Your 20% can not be combined with any other bundle, discount and must be redeemed at the time of jar exchange. ⟡ Insider tip: the 20% recycling discount is the better deal ⟡

This program is available for retail customers only.

Jars Recyling Program FAQ

Can I mail my Lux & Nox candle jars to you? 

No. All candle jars must be returned in person to a Lux & Nox event booth during operating hour.

Can I save my 20% to use another time?

Your 20% must be used at the time you return jars. This simplicity enables us to continue offering the program. 

How do you reuse the jars?

We actually don't reuse old candle jars to make new candles because they have been heat-compromised. However, we do return all jars to our local recycling center.  

Can I use my 20% off on a bundle at an event? 

You can only use one discount at a time. ⟡ Insider tip: the 20% Recycle discount is the better deal ⟡

I am a Lux & Nox Wholesaler, can I return jars?

The recycle program is only for retail customers, but we encourage you to start a recycle program at your location!

Will I receive 20% off my entire order? 

When you bring back a single 7.5oz candle jar for recycling, you're eligible for a 20% discount on a new 7.5oz candle of your choice. Similarly, if you return two 7.5oz jars, you can purchase two new 7.5oz candles at 20% off. It's a one-to-one exchange.

I wasn’t able to completely clean out my candle jar. Can I still return jars? 

Yes! In case you run into some extreme pesky case of residual wax or sticky sticker situation, we know you tried.

I don’t want to buy any more candles right now, but can I just drop off my jars to you anyways?

The jar return program is only available as an exchange for the purchase of a new candle. Otherwise, we encourage you to bring your used Lux & Nox candle jars to your local recycling center.