For the love of candles and all things mythical, Lux & Nox was born. Founded by Zenia Wei and Peggy Chau, two lifelong friends that share the passion for Harry Potter, video games, and the captivating narratives of fictional novels.


All our candles are handmade - from concept to production. Crafted with care and the highest quality standards. We source our material from United States suppliers whenever possible. All our product illustration are done by co-founder Zenia.


We wanted to infuse our brand with that same sense of wonder and adventure. Lux & Nox is not just about candles; it's about creating an experience that invites you to escape into a world of comfort and intrigue.


So, my friend, allow yourself to be captivated by the allure of our artisan candles. Let the scents awaken your senses and the flickering flame ignite your imagination. Lux & Nox is here to remind you that within every ordinary day, there's a touch of magic waiting to be discovered. 



Peggy & Zenia