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Our Journey Begins

The beginning of everything

It was November 2022, after I missed out on a local candle sale, I called my best friend and said,"Remember you told me one day you want to have a candle company? That day can be today." Before she respond, I have already order candle making supplies. That day we decided to stop dreaming and start creating. For the love of art, beauty, and whimsical things, Lux & Nox was born. After six months of exploration, sourcing, and testing, we are thrilled to embark on our adventure's next chapter to bring you luxury and sustainable products.

Lux & Nox values

At Lux & Nox, we value creativity, sustainability and never settle for mediocrity.

All our scents are exclusive to our brand. Each uniquely blended fragrance undergoes thorough testing, ensuring balanced fragrances, strong throw, and safe burning profile. From the gentle crackling sound of our wooden wicks to the artful scenes that inspire the creation, we invite you to embark on an extraordinary sensory journey.

We use organic coconut wax blended with responsibly-sourced palm wax and a touch of food-grade paraffin for a clean-burning, vegan-friendly, non-toxic candle. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every candle. With recyclable packaging and reusable glass vessels, we strive to make every magical moment a responsible one.

Experience the allure of Lux & Nox as we prepare for our official launch this summer. Let our candles illuminate your world with style, sustainability, and whimsy. You can support us by making a purchase during our soft launch period to help us work through the final operational logistics, or follow us on Instagram @luxandnox.co to be part of the Lux & Nox story.

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