About us

Hi, we are Peggy and Zenia, the humans behind Lux & Nox

We have known each other for most of our lives. We’ve grown together as friends, artists, and partners in creating a candle company. Zenia is a die-hard Slytherin and a designer by trade. Peggy is a walking Disney musical and a serial crafter. We are avid gamers drawn to a world of magic and mystery. But what brought us onto this journey was our love for candles, and how we struggle to find options that fit our imagination, speak to our identity, and be true to life all at the same time.

So, for the love of candles, Lux & Nox was born to create beautiful, whimsical, authentic candles that bring a smile to your face.


(noun) Latin for light.

As a measurement unit, one lux is the amount of illumination provided when one lumen is evenly distributed over an area of one square meter.



Each scent started with inspiration from our favorite games or fiction. Then, we brainstormed the different sensory elements that capture the moment.



We use a coconut and natural wax blend that is more sustainable than soy and other options. We create our bespoke scents with US-based fragrance suppliers. All our products are housed in reusable or recyclable vessels and packaging to minimize waste.



Every Lux & Nox candle is carefully blended and then poured by hand into our glass vessel. The small-batch nature avoids overproduction. Each scent is paired with an artist's illustration and packaged in our matching box for maximum protection.

Small but mighty


We’re a tiny team of two (our co-founders Zenia and Peggy) supported by loving friends & family, retail partners, suppliers, and the most fantastic community.

Thank you for making all this possible.


(noun) Latin for night or darkness.

P.S. Its also the extinguish spell in Harry Potter